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Watch and listen to what teachers have to say about our work.



Hear what an early year’s teacher says about our use of the inquiry approach and how our work uses digital tools and links to the Australian Curriculum.

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Learn about how our work supported a primary teacher integrate history, futures, sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives.

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Find out how a primary teacher valued our cross curricula and inquiry approach to learning in our materials that supported her approach to flexible learning.

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A very pleasing comment from one of our clients: "Once again thank you for delivering a fantastic product. I am ‘over the moon’ about the quality of the resource book and I am sure it will be a huge success! I value your professionalism and input and have enjoyed working with you - especially since you make the whole process so easy. :)

Let’s hope we can do it all again in 2019."

Delese Brewster, Senior Projects Officer

Australian Science Teachers Association




Hear from an Ag teacher who found our work well linked to the Australian Curriculum, digitally rich and exciting!

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Watch and listen to a marine studies teacher who thinks our work is issues-based, current, aligned to the Australian Curriculum, full of resources and easy to adapt.

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A big thank you to you and your team for all your hard work, creative skills and knowledge in pulling this together. It is a wonderful resource and will be used widely by teachers. Also a fantastic tool for our industry as we continue to encourage schools to teach cotton in the classroom and bridge the gap between the city and the bush.

Lucy Brennan

Communications Manager – Stakeholder Engagement

Cotton Australia


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