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About Us

Angela Colliver


Angela is passionate about writing...

With many years experience in designing educational programs and curriculum resources, and a lifetime interest in personal development and educational leadership, she brings a unique blend of insights on how to create modern learning resources on any topic.


Whether you need an educational resource developed, an editorial or a feature article we can write the material that will communicate the context you wish to showcase and enable others to know more about.


We can come to you or you can drop by our office or we can chat online.

Coming from an education background we have an extensive understanding of the Australian Curriculum and an appreciation of the amount of change going on in education. We understand the importance of reliable and accurate materials development and we pride ourselves that teachers in schools always validate our work.


We create digitally rich resources as it’s a Web 2.0 world!


Our aim is to support teachers use and integrate 21st Century methodologies and digital tools into teaching and learning in meaningful ways where students apply, analyse, evaluate and create using critical and creative thinking skills.

Tim Lamberton


Tim has more than 35 years experience in Consulting, Mergers & Acquisition, Commodities and Financial Services industries   gained in a broad spectrum of international enterprise and government institutions. 


He has conducted assignments internationally principally at board level where his business management skills have enabled clients to make sound business judgments based on achievable outcomes, auditable and maintainable platforms aligned to information and business strategic plans. He is considered a lateral thinker able to provide the vision and its supporting business architecture to ensure deliverables are able to be implemented. 

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