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Established in 1997, Angela Colliver Consultancy Services (ACCS) is a consultancy firm specialising in the creation of tangible value through the realisation of strategic initiatives which focus on efficiency, sustainability and cost effectiveness.  We consult with client management, staff and advisors to translate their strategic objectives into the achievable and measureable outcomes. We have conducted numerous assignments which have been both environmentally and educationally focussed where success has been measured by the engagement of a great variety of ages and cultures where the design of programmes have been considered as highly innovative and appropriate for 21st century learning. 


We have now grown into a multi-disciplinary consultancy, providing:

  • management consulting

  • financial advice and restructures

  • educational and quality management and evaluation related services

  • strategic planning and

  • development of education and training resources. 

Who are we?

ACCS is a team of professionals dedicated to developing educational resources, programs and workshops for a digital world.


What do we do?

We work with government, industry and organisations and help them develop modern learning resources – ones that provide an integrated framework for inquiry providing the stimulus for investigating real life situations.


Our emphasis is on providing teachers with ideas and activities that enable them to challenge students’ ideas and learning strategies by encouraging further inquiry; providing the stimulus for investigating real life situations, alternative viewpoints and empowering students to investigate and respond to a challenge, task or project (commonly called ‘Project-Based Learning’).


Check out the extensive free resources we have developed.

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